Steve Pronko Jewelers has a full repair shop with trained, certified gemologists on site at our store. Here are a few of the most common repairs and services we provide:

  • Repairs to damaged settings
  • Cleaning and checking of prongs, stones and clasps
  • Matching and replacing lost stones
  • Ring sizing and jewelry refurbishing
  • Polishing and resurfacing scratched or worn surfaces


Years ago, almost every jeweler did “bench work.” Today finding a full service jewelry store with knowledgeable jewelers and designers who work in-house is rare. We are proud to carry on this tradition and frankly, customers should be very careful about buying from a store that does not offer in-house repair services with certified gemologists on staff.

Your most valuable pieces are probably the ones that hold the most sentimental value. Pieces like your engagement ring, great grandmother’s necklace or your graduation pearls. These are irreplaceable pieces of fine jewelry worn regularly for years. No one expects their car to stay beautiful for 20 years without maintenance and repair. Yet we expect this from our engagement ring or wedding band. Repair is important for keeping your jewelry looking its best, and remaining structurally sound, as prongs and clasps can fail with age.

If you are relying on a store that doesn’t have an on-site repair shop then another level of risk is introduced into every single repair situation. Why settle for this? At best, an off-site shop will be slower in providing repairs; at worst, your irreplaceable items can be lost or stolen.

Watch Battery Replacement

We Buy

Steve Pronko Jewelers offers minor watch repairs and watch battery replacements. We have the tools to replace most watch batteries. Even if you can find the replacement battery, this is probably not a job to attempt at home.

Steve Pronko started out as a watch maker in 1928. Even though we no longer work on mechanical watch movements, our jewelers still know more about timepieces than the average jeweler and we will be happy to look at your watch and suggest a specialized watchmaker to work on your timepiece.

Steve Pronko Jewelers buys gold and silver, Rolex watches, estate jewelry and larger diamonds. Many people have or inherit jewelry that they do not want and will never use. Why not turn these unused pieces into cash?

Steve Pronko Jewelers offers top dollar for the following:

  • Gold and Silver
  • Rolex Watches
  • Estate Jewelry
  • Larger Diamonds that can be re-purposed

Holding onto broken jewelry or pieces that do not fit your personal style just isn’t worth the insurance premiums. Let these precious objects go. Steve Pronko’s will give these pieces a new life.