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Steve Pronko Offers Custom Jewelry and Engagement Ring Design in Scranton & Dickson City, PA

We invite you to come in and create an amazing, personalized engagement ring. If you can imagine it, Steve Pronko Jewelers can design it. Allow our trained gemologists and designers to work with you to create a one-of-a-kind, custom engagement ring, custom wedding band or fashion piece.

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you will be involved in the process of designing a handcrafted piece of jewelry that is tailor-made to suit your tastes and needs.

Reasons to consider custom jewelry designs


Custom Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands by Steve Pronko Jewelers

Why settle for a ring that isn’t exactly what you want? A custom ring design allows you to have the exact grade, cut, color and size of diamond you want in the perfect ring setting. Our staff will help you choose the perfect diamond from the thousands of certified diamonds available. Our jewelers will explain the complexities of diamond grading to help you find a stone that matches your desire and your budget. As American Gem Society Certified Appraisers, we can explain the subtle differences between diamond clarity, color and size. A custom engagement ring allows you to match diamonds with other precious stones, such as sapphires, to create a one-of-a-kind custom ring. Not only is a custom design more beautiful, it is also a better value because you are able to choose each stone separately.

An engagement ring and wedding band are pieces you will wear everyday for the rest of your lives. These pieces of jewelry should embody your personality. You are a unique individual and your engagement ring should reflect who you are. Your lifestyle and physical features, as well as personal tastes are each important characteristics to keep in mind when designing a custom wedding band or engagement ring. A Steve Pronko Jeweler's custom ring design allows you to have a ring that fits all of your needs perfectly. Custom design also allows us to create rings that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.


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