Top Best Places to Propose in Pennsylvania in Every Season

Sure, we love a destination proposal – but there are so many great places to propose right here in Pennsylvania that we can almost guarantee there’s a perfect spot just steps from your backyard.

From enchanting parks and museums to breathtaking landscapes, we have curated a list of locations that will make your proposal unforgettable.

But before we dive into these romantic spots, let's talk about an essential aspect of any proposal—the ring.

When to Buy the Ring

Rushing the ring-buying process is always challenging. We get people in the store all the time who think they’ll walk in to look at a ring and leave with a diamond that same day.

Which, we hate to tell you, is rarely the case. Engagement ring settings are often sold separately from the diamond itself. This allows you to customize every aspect of your ring, allowing you to find a diamond that’s the perfect shape, size, cut, color and clarity for you, then picking the perfect band to go with it. But it also means that creating that custom ring will take longer than just a few hours. It's crucial to start your search 6-8 weeks before the planned proposal date.

Now, let's dive into the top proposal locations in Northeastern Pennsylvania, offering a captivating experience in every season.

Fall Proposals

When to start planning your ring:

September Proposal: See us by July

October Proposal: See us by August

November Proposal: See us by September

Ricketts Glen State Park

Pack your hiking shoes for an adventurous proposal at Ricketts Glen State Park. Known for its majestic waterfalls and vibrant foliage, this park provides a picturesque backdrop for a fall proposal that will take your breath away.

Nay Aug Park

Catch scenic trails, waterfalls and picturesque gardens at Nay Aug Park. The iconic treehouse overall is the perfect spot to drop one knee – just make sure that it’s open to the public! If not, it still looks great in the background.

Skytop Lodge

Escape to the breathtaking beauty of Skytop Lodge for a fall proposal surrounded by panoramic vistas and fiery foliage. This elegant retreat in the heart of the Pocono Mountains provides a dreamy setting with its charming lodges and serene ambiance.

Winter Proposals

When to start planning your ring:

December Proposal: See us by October

January Proposal: See us by November

February Proposal: See us by December.

Trolley Trail

If you’re looking for something outside but not too much of a hike (literally), the Trolley Trail is the perfect spot. The first segment runs from Clark’s Summit to Dalton with 2 parking lots throughout so you can pick your spot without having to hike the entire trail. You can choose between dense snow-covered or bare tree cover or the bridge at the entrance of the Dalton stretch. Or, explore the second leg of the trail, which recently opened and goes from Keystone’s Campus (which also has a beautiful bridge) through Factoryville.

Everhart Museum

Step into a world of art and romance at the Everhart Museum. This cultural gem provides a unique and captivating backdrop for a winter proposal, plus even more stunning views inside if the cold is getting to you.

Ledges Hotel

Head up toward Lake Wallenpaupak for a winter getaway at Ledges Hotel. Grab a dinner reservation at Glass Wine Bar, which conveniently sits right alongside a waterfall that’s just as gorgeous in the winter as it is in the summer. When it’s cold, the restaurant covers the heated outdoor patio so you can still sit along the waterfall, and then you can venture out to one of the lookout decks to pop the question. Plus, if you really want to run with the theme, it’s also a beautiful wedding venue if you want to continue your journey right where you started it.

Spring Proposals

When to start planning your ring:

March Proposal: See us by January

April Proposal: See us by February

May Proposal: See us by March

Cherry Springs State Park

Imagine proposing under a blanket of stars at Cherry Springs State Park. Known for its dark skies and celestial wonders, this location creates an awe-inspiring atmosphere for your springtime proposal.

It’s a bit of a drive, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to make a romantic getaway of the occasion.

McDade Park

McDade Park is the perfect spot to drop down on one knee surrounded by blooming flowers. You have your choose of backgrounds, with picturesque walking trails, scenic views, and peaceful picnic spots. 

Allentown Rose Garden

Allentown Rose Garden has a touch of timeless romance, even if it is a bit of a drive away, for your spring proposal. With its stunning array of colorful blooms and fragrant blossoms, this garden is a haven of beauty and love. Declare your affection amidst the meticulously cultivated roses, creating a moment as unforgettable as your love story.

Summer Proposals

When to start planning your ring:

June Proposal: See us by April

July Proposal: See us by May

August Proposal: See us by June

Bushkill Falls


Known as the “Niagra of Pennsylvania” – and for good reason. With eight waterfalls and lots of hiking trails and scenic bridges, there’s no shortage of amazing proposal spots to choose from.

Lackawanna State Park

Lackawanna State Park is a summer staple, which means if you and your soon-to-be fiance both grew up in the area, we bet it’s a pretty special spot for you. It’s more than just a pool and a playground, so take a walk over to the lake or explore the hiking trails in the area.

Lake Scranton

If you’re looking for a nature engagement without much of the nature, Lake Scranton is your place. The 3.5 mile walking trail is almost entirely concrete, and you have an amazing view of the lake and the wooded area surrounding it from just about any angle (which means there’s lots of spots for your photographer to hide.)