Your Steve Pronko Jewelers Stories

As a 3rd generation family business, Steve Pronko Jewelers has been a part of NEPA families’ special moments for almost a century, from engagements to birthdays and anniversaries.

So, we asked to hear your stories – and boy, did you answer. You sent in amazing stories of engagements, of family heirlooms given new life, presents you’ve treasured for decades and things you just think are beautiful. 

We received so many beautiful photos with the heartfelt stories and that go with them, and we cannot tell you how grateful we are to be a part of these moments with you. Here are just a few of our favorites.


“I know this ring may be small, but it holds a very special place in my heart. This ring was purchased by my mom for me when I was a baby. My grandma, June Barrett, worked at your jewelry store and David Pronko sold this ring to them. This just shows you how old this ring is. I wore this ring all the time. It has my birthstone in it. It has been sized so many times we couldn’t size it anymore. It now sits in my jewelry box so I can still admire it.”

-Margo S.L.


“My husband designed my engagement ring with Maria at Pronko’s. The center diamond is my late mother’s, who passed away 6 years ago. My husband asked my dad’s permission for my hand, and he gifted him the original engagement ring to design this beauty. On Christmas Eve 2017, my husband, with the help of our son, asked me to marry him. This is my favorite piece of jewelry, so much history, and now I get to make my own memories.”

-Caitlin Tasetano Viesewski


“My custom-designed ring holds such a special place in my heart. I was left my mother’s anniversary ring when she passed away on April 21, 2020 of leukemia. I knew I wanted to design something that was representing her and me together but not losing my original engagement ring in the process. The center diamond is my mother’s diamond and several of the diamonds around it are my diamonds from my original engagement ring from my husband. This ring represents so much to me. When I look at it, which is quite often, I see the sun and the most perfect snowflake. Perfect combination of us both. My mom loved the winter and I love the summer. Last year was the most difficult year of my life, but having been able to work with Steve Pronko Jewelers to design this beautiful piece, I was able to have some closure and always have a piece of my mom close to heart.”

-Jilly C


“I took my mother’s diamond wedding band, and with Laura’s help we designed a unique diamond ring for my daughter. The piece we created was not only beautiful, but the meaning behind it and knowing that my daughter had something unique and special from her grandmother was amazing. My daughter cried when I gave it to her, and she wears it all the time so her grandmother is always with her!”

-Barb B.F.


“This ring is for sure one of my favorites. I bought it for my mom when I was in high school. It’s a “mothers” ring. She wore it all the time. My mom lost her battle with lung cancer at the age of 56 on August 7th, 2010. We took all her belongings and stored them in her basement. My sister was moving into my mom’s house and needed to make room for her stuff, and we just couldn’t bring ourselves to sift through all my mom’s belongings. We boxed and stored all of it. A year and a month had passed when the most horrible event happened in September 2011. My sister’s basement took in flood water. The basement filled up to a few inches below the first floor. We removed every sopping thing so fast because we were afraid of getting mold. Pictures, clothes, jewelry and furniture… gone. As we were cleaning up the flood mess I asked if anyone possibly saw the box with this ring in it. No one saw it. I tried to just let it go but was deeply sad. Fast forward to August 27th, 2012…. My birthday. My sister came to my house to wish me a happy birthday. She told me to shut my eyes and put my hand out. I did… I felt a box. I opened my eyes and the box… THERE IT WAS! My sister was doing something in her basement and noticed a muddy box resting in a wall crevasse. She pulled it out and THERE IT WAS. She saved it for my birthday. Needless to say, I cried and squeezed my sister for one of the best surprises ever.”

-Shelly L.


“My grandmother was 95, a good 95, and she was taken by Covid on May 3, 2020… just 15 days before her 96th birthday! This piece was handed down to me from her, and I’m in love with it so much. The monetary value means absolutely nothing to me. this piece brings strength, peace and love to me every time I wear it!”

-Tammy E.


“This gorgeous bracelet is nearly 7 carats of diamonds, which were given to me by husband over the course of our 40 years together; my original engagement diamond and two diamonds given to me by my husband to celebrate the birth of each son. Maria designed this beautiful piece so I could enjoy all the precious stones at one time. The original was set on a double chain (my idea), which didn’t do the piece justice. Just like that, Maria redesigned into a bangle with a safety feature. I appreciate the craftsmanship and dedication Steve Pronko Jewelers and Maria afforded me. I love my heirloom bracelet.”

-Sandy M.


“An engagement ring is supposed to last a lifetime, and the ring my now husband proposed with from a chain jeweler was falling apart not even a month after getting engaged. My original ring was sent back to be fixed 3 times, and after the third time, we had enough. My husband returned it and we went to Pronko’s and made a ring that was identical to the one I was proposed to with - BUT MUCH BETTER QUALITY. Not to mention, the carat weight, and diamond quality was 10x better than the original, and cheaper! After a horrible experience with the first jeweler, we were overwhelmed with joy to have this ring made and back on my hand.”

- Courtney R.


“In the middle of the pandemic, my boyfriend and I went to spend a weekend camping in update NY in Hunter. Little did I know, we would leave engaged! He proposed to me on the top of the mountain with this gorgeous ring. Can't wait to come pick out our wedding bands!”

-Dana L.


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