7 Things to Consider When You’re Looking for an Engagement Ring

We see it every day – someone walks through our doors wide-eyed and confused, looking for an engagement ring. It’s no small decision, and there are a lot of little details to go over (some of which you had no idea you even had to think about).

But that’s where we come in to help. Our sales specialists are here to walk you through your ring-buying process as long as it takes, as many questions as it takes.

But if you’re looking for where to start, we’ve got a few things to get you on the right track:


This is the most important part of all – the diamonds are why you’re here, after all! If you’re at a point where you’re about to propose, it’s likely that your future fiancé has put a good amount of thought into what type of ring they want, and now it’s your job to piece it together. 

Do they want one big center stone? A few stones? A halo? A pear, oval, round, princess cut? Get a feel if they want something small, delicate and petite or something that will catch your eye from across the room. It’s all personal, and the “bigger is better” mentality doesn’t always apply.

If you’re lucky, they might have dropped a few hints along the way. Some will be obvious – like the oval diamond that keeps popping up in your text messages – and others not so much – like them making an off-hand comment on another woman’s ring. Start paying attention the few weeks before you think about proposing to see if any hints pop up.

But if not, we’ve got our own ways of sleuthing. A quick search on Pinterest usually brings up their wedding board so we can start building the perfect ring.



If there’s one thing that throws someone for a loop right off the bat, it’s choosing a metal color. It’s not something people tend to notice – until the moment they do. The good thing is, people tend to stick with the same colors for all, or most, of their jewelry.

If your future fiancé wears silver, you’ll want to go for a white gold or platinum. If they’re always in gold, stick with yellow gold or even rose gold. 

Not sure? Take a look at their Instagram or Facebook pages. It just takes a few photos to zoom in on a gold chain necklace or a silver bracelet. 

And if you’re still really, really not sure, ask for a recommendation. White gold has been one of the most popular metals right now, so you can’t go wrong there!



Finger size, that is. And it’s not her shoe size. (We can’t tell you how many guys walk in thinking it’s the same!) If you don’t know, see if you can snatch a ring she wears often. Just be careful – finger size on the right hand and left hand can be different. The dominant hand can be anywhere from a quarter to half a size bigger.

You can also encourage a friend to take her shopping and casually mention that they should get measured for ring size, or there are also apps on your phone that can measure ring size pretty accurately. Sure, she might catch on, but you’ll be happy knowing you’re getting as close to accurate as possible. 

Remember: Rings can be sized up and down, but only so much. Getting as close as possible the first time is the best way to protect the integrity of the ring.

Go for quality

There’s a misconception that the bigger the diamond, the better the ring. But not all diamonds are created equal. You may have a 2-carat stone, but if it’s not good quality, it’s not going to be as nice or worth as much as a ring half the size.

That’s why it’s so important to see your stone in person with someone who knows exactly what they’re looking for. Buying rings online may be convenient, but what comes in the mail might not be what you hoped for.

Buy from someone who takes quality personally – that’s how you make sure you’re getting the best ring for your money.

Don’t rush it

Unless you want to settle, don’t expect to walk into a jewelry shop one day with some courage and a cheque and walk out with a diamond in your pocket. You should have your first appointment at least 4 weeks before you plan to drop down on one knee.

Plan your budget

Do not be afraid to establish your budget – and stick to it. But being up front and honest with your goals is the best way to make sure you get the ring you want at the price you want it.

There’s nothing worse than looking at a $4,000 diamond when you can only spend $2,000. Our store specialists will respect those guidelines and make sure you’re only seeing what you can afford.

But that being said, you don’t have to have all the money saved up on the day of the appointment. At Steve Pronko Jewelers, we offer 5-month payment plans with 30% down as well as additional financing options through the store.

Trust yourself

Yes, this ring is for your future fiancé, but it should reflect the both of you. That doesn’t mean you should completely override what she wants (we’ve never seen that end well), but you should feel comfortable putting your own touches in the design as well.

When in doubt: trust yourself. If you’re at a point where you know you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, you probably know them pretty well. Go with your gut and follow your instincts. You’ll know what your eye is drawn to.

And we’ll help you along the way. We ask questions – and we mean, a lot of questions. By the time we cover it all, it’s completely customized to exactly what she’ll love.